Where does my water come from?

Pocatello extracts ground water from the Lower Portneuf River Valley Aquifer using deep wells that pump water from the aquifer. Currently there are seventeen wells in production capable of producing slightly less than forty-five million gallons of water per day. In order to serve customers who live on the benches surrounding Pocatello, water is pumped from the valley floor to twelve water storage facilities with a storage capacity of 21,600,000 gallons.

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1. Where does my water come from?
2. What's in my drinking water?
3. Do I need to take special precautions?
4. How will I know if my water isn't safe to drink?
5. What is the hardness of Pocatello's water?
6. Does the City of Pocatello fluoridate the water?
7. How can I get my water tested?
8. Why does Pocatello flush its fire hydrants?
9. Why does my water have a dirty or milky appearance?
10. What is a consumer confidence report and why does the city mail the report to customers?
11. Do you recommend installing a home water treatment unit?
12. How can I participate in important decisions regarding my drinking water?
13. How can I contact other agencies regarding drinking water?