Where can I find bus schedules?
Bus schedules are posted at www.pocatellotransit.com or you can call 208-234-6248.

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1. What can I do about city residents who do not maintain their property as they should?
2. Who is responsible for cleaning and maintaining sidewalks?
3. Where can I find bus schedules?
4. How do I reserve a park for an event?
5. What items can I recycle using my blue, curbside autocart?
6. What items CANNOT be recycled?
7. Does the City have recycling drop-off locations?
8. Where is the Bannock County Landfill located?
9. I tried to pay my utility bill, but the office was closed Friday afternoon. What are the hours?
10. How can I pay my utility bill?
11. What utilities are offered in Pocatello?
12. Where do I pay my ticket?
13. Where can I obtain a residential parking permit?
14. Where do I get license plates or renew the registration for my vehicles?
15. Where do I obtain or renew my driver’s license?
16. How do I get a business license for the City of Pocatello?
17. I would like to open a restaurant, do I need a license?
18. Can I have a business in my home?
19. Does my dog need a license?