I have a swim diaper; why must I also purchase a plastic pant?

Swim diapers were a great invention because they are waterproof and prevent the diaper from disintegrating, but they do not hold their contents well.   As a secondary measure, plastic pants are required to be worn over all swim diapers.  This helps to prevent contamination, which can prompt pool closures.

Plastic Pants Facts

  • Plastic pants are not a substitute for swim diapers.  We require all people not potty trained to wear plastic pants over and in addition to a swim diaper.
  • Plastic pants are relatively inexpensive and are reusable. (Just wash and reuse; please don't dry.)
  • We conveniently sell plastic pants at the cashier booth. They are sized by weight.  We do not carry adult sizes.
  • Plastic pants have been shown to significantly reduce the number of pool closures due to contamination and also has a significant impact on reducing communicable diseases that can be spread through fecal contamination.

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