How can I rent a dumpster?

The Sanitation Department offers dumpster rental services to help homeowners, business owners, and contractors clean up messes big and small. Our dumpster rentals provide low-cost and efficient cleanup solutions for businesses, remodels, renovations, clean outs, and many more projects. The Sanitation Department also offers the City of Pocatello Partners in Pride (PIP) Container Program, which permits residential customers the use of a 3-yard container or a 17-yard roll-off box to remove unwanted items or work on other projects which may require greater than usual trash. The Partners in Pride Container Program is intended for use by residential customers to help promote beautification and upkeep of residential properties within the City of Pocatello. This program is offered free of charge to qualifying residential customers once per calendar year and is available on a first come, first served basis. Reservations can be made by calling the Sanitation Department at 208-234-6192.

Dumpster Services

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1. How can I rent a dumpster?
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