Does my dog or cat need a license?

Dogs—All dogs over the age of three (3) months that reside within the city must be licensed and have the license tag affixed to their collar at all times. Licenses are effective June 1 through May 31. All dog licenses are half price through the month of May. Licenses can be purchased from the Pocatello Animal Shelter located at Upper Ross Park or from City Hall located at 911 North 7th Avenue. Call 208-234-6156 for information. Non-spayed/non-neutered fee: $20.00; spayed/neutered fee: $10.00 (discounts available for senior citizens).

Cats—All cats over the age of three (3) months that reside within the city must be licensed. The owner/custodian shall be responsible for providing proof of a registered microchip, which can be used for the purpose of a city tag. Microchips can be purchased at Animal Services, veterinarian clinics, or at microchip clinics. Fee: $5.00.

Multiple Animals & Livestock—Anyone with more than two dogs or more than five cats over the age of three months is required to obtain a multiple animal housing permit for $25.00. Permits are also required for livestock and other small animals. Livestock includes animals such as rabbits and chickens. Please contact Animal Services for details and requirements.

Animal Services

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