What items can I NOT recycle using my blue curbside autocart?

Glass, plastics marked with #3 through #7 recycling symbols, plastic clam shell containers, plastic deli trays, plastic bags, shredded paper, potato chip bags, paper towels, paper plates, PVC & ABS pipe, medical waster, toys, clothing, carpet, tissue paper, wax-coated beverage containers, cellophane paper, plastic wrap, foam rubber, packaging materials (peanuts, bubble wrap, Styrofoam packaging), Styrofoam containers, ceramic containers, cereal box liners, string, aerosol containers, and any container that has been filled with paint, pesticides, herbicides, or petroleum products. If in doubt, leave it out or call 208-234-6193. Please note that glass can be recycled at drop-off bins located throughout the City.

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