Why was an arrest made?
Research shows that violence can be prevented or reduced when authorities intervene. Otherwise, the cycle of violence and abuse can continue, against you and your children, and may increase in frequency and intensity.

If law enforcement have been called to intervene and you find that an arrest has been made, please understand that Idaho Statute 18-903 and 18-918 combined define any unwanted touch as a battery and when that touch is committed within the confines of a domestic relationship Pocatello Police policy requires an arrest follow the incident for the reason of providing immediate protection to the victim.

Also understand the officers do not usually know whether this is the 1st time or the 100th time this has occurred in your relationship, therefore every charge of domestic battery investigated through the Pocatello Police Department generally results in the arrest of the person determined as the aggressor.

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1. What do you do now?
2. Why was an arrest made?
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