Compost Happens

The City of Pocatello Sanitation Department in partnership with the Bannock County Landfill runs the COMPOST HAPPENS yard-waste-only composting program each year beginning the first week in April and continuing through the last week of November. If you have any questions or would like to sign up for the service, please contact the City's Recycling Coordinator via email (Debbie Brady) or at 208-234-6193.

Composting Program

96-Gallon Yard-Waste Autocart with Brown Lid

  • Collection Schedule:  Yard waste carts are collected every week from the first week in April through the last week of November on the same day as the regularly scheduled garbage collection day.
  • Cost: $5.00 per month for weekly pick-up
  • Rules:
    • Only grass clippings, leaves and garden trimmings can be placed in this yard waste cart.
    • No pine needles, pine cones, branches or sticks are accepted.
96-Gallon Brown Lid Compost Cart


  • COMPOST HAPPENS is a yard-waste-only compost program
  • COMPOST HAPPENS is an autocart curbside pick-up service
  • COMPOST HAPPENS comes with a brown-lid 96-gallon autocart
  • COMPOST HAPPENS autocarts will be picked up on the same day as the regularly scheduled garbage collection day
  • COMPOST HAPPENS is voluntary
  • COMPOST HAPPENS costs $5/month for 8 months
  • COMPOST HAPPENS is billed to your City of Pocatello utility bill
  • COMPOST HAPPENS is not activated until a valid utility customer provides authorization
  • COMPOST HAPPENS compost is available for purchase at the Bannock County Landfill Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. for $35/ton


CAN go into your composting bin CANNOT go into your composting bin
Grass Clippings
Garden Trimmings
NO Tree Limbs
NO Branches
NO Kitchen Waste
NO Food Waste
NO Pet/Animal Waste
NO Trash
NO Dirt
NO "Compostable Packaging"
NO Paper Products
NO Coffee Grounds
NO Christmas Trees