Recycling Programs

Curbside Recycling Service

96-Gallon Blue Autocart

  • Cost: One cart is included in the cost of curbside garbage service. Additional recycle carts are $5.40 per cart. If your current service is container or roll-off service, you are required to set up a garbage-only account through Utility Billing and pay a $5.40 monthly fee.
  • Request Service: Curbside Recycling Service Opt-In Form
  • Collection Schedule: Recycle carts are collected every other week on the same day as the scheduled garbage collection day: Recycling Collection Schedule (PDF).
96-Gallon Blue Recycle Cart

Curbside recycling service is incorporated into the curbside garbage service for all residential and business customers (4 units or less). However, a blue recycle cart will not be delivered unless the customer requests the service.

If you do not have curbside recycle service at your residence or business but would like an autocart and pick-up service, you will need to opt in to curbside recycling by completing and submitting the opt-in form. A 96-gallon blue recycle autocart and information will be delivered to you with service based on your assigned schedule (PDF).

Note: Businesses that only have container or roll-off service that want to participate in curbside recycling service will be required to pay a $5.40 per-cart fee as curbside recycling is only included with curbside garbage service. Businesses can use the opt-in form to register for recycling service or can contact the City of Pocatello Sanitation Department at 208-234-6192.

Materials Accepted

Most Paper—newspaper, magazines, phone books, catalogs, cardboard boxes, food packaging boxes, office paper, note pads, coated paper, junk mail, envelopes, manila folders
Some Plastics—beverage, food, and household cleaner containers marked #1 PET or #2 HDPE that have been rinsed and had their caps securely in place (NO plastic bags)
Certain Metals—tin and aluminum cans or containers that have stored food and beverages and have been rinsed

Materials NOT Accepted

Plastics marked with #3 through #7 recycling symbols, plastic clam shell containers, plastic deli trays, plastic bags, shredded paper, potato chip bags, paper towels, paper plates, PVC & ABS pipe, medical waste, toys, clothing, carpet, tissue paper, wax-coated beverage containers, cellophane paper, plastic wrap, foam rubber, packaging materials (peanuts, bubble wrap, Styrofoam packaging), Styrofoam containers, ceramic containers, cereal box liners, string, aerosol containers, and any container that has been filled with paint, pesticides, herbicides, or petroleum products. If in doubt, leave it out.