Pocatello Cold Weather Advice

Unfortunately, there is no magic formula to determine when a water line is at greater risk of freezing as there are many variables involved.
  1. Frost & Snow Cover
  2. Frozen Water Lines
  3. Unheated Basements
  4. Water Meters

Frost & Snow Cover

If there is little or no frost in the ground prior to receiving an adequate snow cover, the snow will act as an insulator and protect water services from freezing even after several days of sub-zero temperatures. If snow cover is received after the frost level is already several feet deep, the temperature of the snow will actually drive the frost deeper into the ground, causing services to freeze.

As a general rule, if the water lines serving a residence or business have not frozen in the past, even in sub-zero weather, it is unlikely that a problem will occur. However, it may be prudent to take precautionary measures during extended absences to avoid the inconvenience and possible expense of restoring water service.