Pocatello Fire Department Permits

Burning Permits

Open burning in Pocatello requires a burning permit; except cooking or warming fires. Burn permits may be purchased at Fire Station #1, 408 E. Whitman, Pocatello. The cost is $10.

Other Permits Issued by the PFD

For information about the application process for other Pocatello Fire Department issued permits contact Fire Station #1 by visiting 408 East Whitman or by phone at 208-234-6201.

Solid Fuel Burning Appliance inspections

  • $50 - Inspection of solid fuel burning appliances for new installation or existing appliance

Flow Testing

  • $50 -  Water supply (hydrant flow) testing, each hydrant


  • $60 - Retail sale of “safe and sane” fireworks and firework stand inspection

Flammable & Combustible Materials Storage Tanks

  • $50 - Permit and inspection for the installation, removal, or abandonment of residential fuel/oil tanks
  • $100 to $150 - Installation or modification of hazardous materials storage tank

Aircraft Refueling

  • $125 - Permit for the operation of aircraft refueling vehicles for 1 year, application required
  • $25 -  Aircraft refueling certification for 1 year, application required

Life Safety Systems

Insurance, Bond and Certification Qualifications apply
To obtain these permits, please contact the Pocatello Fire Prevention Bureau at 208-234-6203 or 208-234-7879.