Science & Environment

The Science and Environment Division is a recently created city entity. The mission of the Division is to manage the city's federal storm water National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit and to achieve permit requirements and water quality improvements. In addition, the Division has been established to provide credible scientific advice on issues relevant to Pocatello's quality of life and surrounding environment.

Division's Contributions

The Division contributes to the City Council's goals and objectives in 3 ways
  • By strengthening community and government partnerships
  • By working to sustain public safety
  • Through its efforts to improve water quality/quantity and air quality throughout the City of Pocatello and local region

Storm Water Hotline

If you see anyone dumping anything into the drains, please call 208-234-6519. Only rain and snowmelt should go into street drains, which connect to our drinking water and the Portneuf River.