The city of Pocatello Engineering Department provides engineering and construction management services related to the city's capital improvement and maintenance projects as well as, environmental, and engineering services related to the oversight and regulation of development within the city.
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  1. Flood Hazard Information

    See floodplain information, USGS Gauging Station data, flood plans, etc.

  2. Levee & Flood Information

    Flood incidents can endanger human life, cause extensive property damage and result in significant harm to the environment.

  3. Maps of the City of Pocatello

    See 3 different types of maps for the City of Pocatello.

  4. Storm Water Management

    The federal Clean Water Act and Safe Drinking Water Act requires the City to manage storm water runoff to protect water quality in our streams, and protect the quality of our ground water as a drinking water resource.

  5. Technical Library

    See construction standards and specifications, transportation resources, and more.